Jul 27

Inspiration for your weekend

While I’ve been pinning and instagramming (user name: crubenstein) this week, I do feel guilty for leaving this space quiet since Monday. Rather than feed this guilt by not showing up (hello, avoidance), I’ve decided to say hello to you my friends (goodbye, avoidance) and mark the end of this week with some inspiration.

you are marvelously inspiring.

** inspiration for your weekend

… will you be participating in the august break?

…  just started reading fooling houdini and i am hooked!

…  i’ve worn these shoes (and these) almost everyday on this trip and can’t believe how comfortable they are after hours of walking.

… if you are a paper planner like me, you will love this post on yearly planning with a file crate system.

… have you discovered jenesequa? i love their online content and am addicted to their style magazine for the ipad.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week—filled with moments of spontaneous joy (the best kind!).

What joyous moments have you experienced this week? 


photo: original source unknown

p.s. as i write this post, i’m in gibraltar—latest spot on my summer adventure! random fact: gibraltar is known for its population of macaques!

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Madeline July 29, 2012 at 12:08 PM

It’s so awesome that you chose not to give in to avoidance anymore. Now if only I could do the same. I’m known to avoid messages in my inbox.

I’m loving the file crate planning link. Thanks for sharing (:


carolyn July 29, 2012 at 12:50 PM

my inbox is a totally different story! definitely fighting with avoidance in that area :)


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