It has been far too long since I posted a new Color Me Happy inspiration board! I love this series because it is makes me just so happy (corny, I know!). Recently, I’ve been attracted to all things gold, and in particular, anything with gold polka dots…or dotted with gold. What color or pattern has been making you happy recently? 


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*technology: mouse pad (diy by lovely indeed) | kate spade iPhone case
*bedroom: gold wall decals (found at house of fifty, sold by urban walls on etsy) | caitlin wilson textiles gold dot pillow (spotted in my office!)
*gifts: kate spade twirl perfume | accessory tray by the altered chain on etsy

… more color me happy inspiration: color me happy (pinterest board) and the color me happy series

p.s. thank you to the lovely meghan for serving as my graphic fairy and helping me create this magical color me happy board!


My sweet friend Denise (also part of my phd cohort) brought me a fun surprise this week—tarot cards! Tucked away in my office after class (remember we are “scientists!”), she let me play with the cards and explained a bit about their background. I was completely intrigued. One of the cards was so completely accurate—I am carrying an overwhelming burden in the present. [Yes. Yes. Yes.]

So much is happening in my life, so much reflection and learning. I’ve been writing a lot…lots of dig deep soul-inspired musings that I want to share on here. They are lined up on my desktop, but it’s all so “heavy”. Yet, I know, there are others out there on their own journeys who could benefit from these words. The posts will come, the meatier words you expect from me—it’s all here, waiting its turn for my attention.

My focus this weekend will be on this burden I’m carrying. How can I lighten the load? I began to journal about this topic last night and shared my words with my husband. He’s only allowed to look at my journal when I share it with him :). The words were so meaningful to him that he took a photo with his camera so he could read them in the future. For me, that is the best cue that I’m moving in the right direction. I’m listening to myself and devoting value to what I hear.

Share with me, a little message you hear within yourself. What do you hear when you listen?

… I’ve also started to fall in love with instagram. I share snippets of my life that I haven’t captured before, the ordinary and the profound. I love looking at others’ lives and seeing what a beautifully unique community exists. My username is @crubenstein and I invite you to come take a peek and say hello :).

… a little hello (letterpress stationery by paper lovely)

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This week went by a little too quickly. When I glance back, it appears a blur—little moments blended together one after the other. There were some beautiful moments during the week; yet, they seem lost amidst the others. I hope to take this recognition into the weekend and remind myself to celebrate the little triumphs, the smirks, and the plain old bliss.

I miss writing here—my more personal posts from the depths of reflection. My soul misses this practice. It’s purely a matter of time and energy—not enough of either at present. I have a feeling that these posts will begin to pop up more often in December as my time and energy begin to shift. And, I’m planning to host Reverb12 this year (similar to last year). It is by far one of my happiest blogging experiences.

This weekend, I’ll be hard at work—reading, writing, and thinking. The semester is coming to a close (can’t believe how quickly it went by!). How will you be spending the weekend? Anything coming to a close for you as well? I love our little weekend check-ins :).

Below are a few links for your inspiration.

susannah tucker

… “When the unintentional excess is cut out, we shine.” —Jess Lively’s beautiful post on having it all

… Just discovered Go Mighty and cannot wait to see how it grows! (see my “mighty list”)

Teach Your Children — Lindsey’s review moved me to tears. Her vulnerability and ability to speak about mothering touches me so deeply. Whenever she talks about mothering, I notice myself begin to think about one day…when I get to feel this sense of vulnerability as a mother.

How to make your decision the “right decision” (a lesson i learned at cosmopolitan magazine) [be sure to read the comments—wonderful advice]

… Liz Lamoreux’s words are always powerful. This post, especially so.

Should Chris Benz be able to use Jessica’s photograph throughout his spring 2012 line without recognition? I think NOT. I’m supporting Jessica as she navigates this difficulty battle and donating to her legal fund (please help spread jessica’s story!).

Wishing you a happy weekend!



image: susannah tucker photography

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Nov 12

Quoted No. 24

You don't play the result.

… more quotes in the quoted series and on the quoted pinspiration board

*I’m so grateful for you helping me to share A Beautiful Ripple Effect with others! If you enjoyed this quote, please share, link, pin—whatever method you like the best :). Thank you so much!

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Another busy week! This weekend, I’ll be catching up on some work and doing lots of resting. I can’t wait! I love quiet weekends. What are your plans for the weekend? 

Wishing you a weekend filled with joy!

An epiphany about self-compassion [video]

… Love watching the web series, The Fashion Fund (behind the scenes with the ten finalist for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund)

Are you missing out?

Don’t play the odds with your health. Thank you, Michelle, for this post. There is so much I want to say about this topic. Yet, to be honest, the post that Michelle responds to makes me too angry to think rationally to put together an appropriate post. One day, I will write about this topic—when it’s a little less raw for me. Simply stated, you can do absolutely everything right (live in a secluded bubble if you’d like), and you still can’t control what your body is going to do. I’m a risk taker, but would never advise anyone to play the odds with their health. This applies to both physical and mental health. That’s my two cents at the moment…more to come in the future.

image: geronimo ballons