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photo: sybil steele (found on limn and lovelyrachel gilbert wedding gown)

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Jun 19

Quoted No. 34


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May 15

Quoted No. 33

I’ve had this quote in my planner for over a month. It serves as a reminder to look beyond myself. To see the beauty in reaching out to others, in tiny ways such as asking someone how their day is and then actually stopping to actively listen to the person.

Often, you don’t need to say a word to help another person. All you need is genuine empathy and the energy to hold a clearing (space) for someone else. Connection feeds the soul.

This quote also reminds me of the beauty of receiving that genuine compassion from someone else. I’m working to retrain my brain to no longer associate support or care with weakness. Without the loving kindness of others over the past few months, I don’t know how I would have persevered. It’s easy to hide within your problems and to magnify their strength. But to have faith that others genuinely care for you and are thinking about you is truly remarkable.

Currently, my mind is cluttered with a report that I am working on, juggling information in my brain and struggling to keep up with the juggling act. I love the moment that occurs when the information connects, the multiple sources of data converge. That is the moment I work for. Right now, I’m juggling with no connections in close sight. But I have faith in myself and in others, that our juggling has a purpose.

To have faith in each other, we must also have faith in ourselves. And that is the struggle I am continuously working on, to strengthen my faith in myself as I recognize the faith I have in others.

Dorothy Day #Quote


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p.s. i made this image on my iphone using a new app, a beautiful mess. i am having way too much fun with it!

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It has been far too long since I posted a new Color Me Happy inspiration board! I love this series because it is makes me just so happy (corny, I know!). Recently, I’ve been attracted to all things gold, and in particular, anything with gold polka dots…or dotted with gold. What color or pattern has been making you happy recently? 


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*technology: mouse pad (diy by lovely indeed) | kate spade iPhone case
*bedroom: gold wall decals (found at house of fifty, sold by urban walls on etsy) | caitlin wilson textiles gold dot pillow (spotted in my office!)
*gifts: kate spade twirl perfume | accessory tray by the altered chain on etsy

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p.s. thank you to the lovely meghan for serving as my graphic fairy and helping me create this magical color me happy board!


Mar 15

Quoted No. 32

I’ve been reading the most nourishing book (soul nourishing). It’s not a new book, but one that was just recently recommended to me. The chapters are short—the lessons powerfully simple to implement and think about throughout your day. I’ve noticed a shift within me since starting this book—a deep sense of peace. This book is a gift I gave to myself, not knowing when I purchased it how badly I needed to read its tenets, and one that I highly recommend that you give to yourself, your soul will thank you.

photo: jeja

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p.s. i’ve been a bit absent here, but want you to know that i’m always thinking about the beautiful ripple effect community. i’m very private (offline as well) when it comes to my life and what difficulties i may be facing. i’m currently dealing with a health issue that is taking up some emotional energy and focus—hopefully nothing too serious, but lots of waiting which requires a very peaceful mentality :). thank you for being here, for reading my words and contributing your own. this space is sacred to me and for that i am so very grateful.