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My blogging frequency is a great indicator of the current state of my life. Currently, it is crazy busy—but good busy :). This week I’m studying for midterms. I tend to dislike the saying, there aren’t enough hours in the day—but, really…there aren’t (oh wait, just found a blog post entitled: How to Stop Time!). While I’m busier than ever, I’m also taking better care of myself than I have in the past. I remain mindful of this change and so very grateful that I’m finally integrating self-compassion into my daily life.

In terms of my regular blogging schedule, I’m going to try sticking to 2-3 posts per week rather than 4-5—at least during the semester. I don’t want to neglect this community and space for too long!

Okay, enough about me! I’m here to sprinkle a little inspiration into your week.

… The MacArthur Foundation awards the 2012 Genius Grants [video]. Fun fact: Winners have no idea they’ve been nominated for the $500,000 awards until they get the call, and nominators must remain anonymous.

When Mister Rogers defended Public TV

… Loved this post on A Cup of Jo. I didn’t change my name. How about you?

… Have you seen Meg’s new site–all about stories and the power of storytelling. (new story each week!)

Track your small wins to motivate big accomplishments [video]

… I learned about the “Progress Principle” via the video above. The Progress Principle site is filled with incredible resources, like a downloadable diary toolkit!

Wishing you a week filled with lots of happy moments!



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This weekend, I will be working and hopefully getting a little bit of rest. My weeks are so busy that I often forget what day it is or if it’s time for lunch or dinner (it’s getting bad!). But, one foot in front of the other, one tiny action after another—my motto for staying sane.

However, there is something very different about this busyness that I am experiencing. It’s a happy busy, which is very new for me. I created some very important boundaries and intentions before I began this semester that have changed everything for me. My next personal post will be on these changes. I think they are important to document and for others to practice.

For this weekend, I have a few links of inspiration for you to enjoy.

End each day with an empty inbox (yes, please! so many great actionable tips in this post on Oh My Handmade)

A brilliant article by Ruth Whippman in the New York Times about anxiety and happiness in America

Regret Nothing—”You’ve travelled this far on the back of every mistake.”

Amazing accessories for the iPhone 5 (worth getting it just for these beauties!)

… Fellow paper addicts, you must check out Mara Mi.

Wishing you a weekend filled with lots of happy moments!



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Last week was a bit crazier for me than usual. I missed blogging and connecting with you through this little virtual space. I really notice how much blogging means to me when I don’t have time for it. In a sense, my blog is my happy place—the place I show up most authentically as myself. It’s a space I return to in good times and in bad. It’s a place we meet, just as we are. I hope it serves a similar purpose for you.

Since I missed posting last week’s “inspiration for your weekend,” I’m going to start the week off with an “inspiration for your week” post. I hope these inspiring resources infuse your Monday with inspiration and positivity.


… [Video] Look at yourself after watching this. You will cry, you will smile, you will be very very inspired. Four minutes that will shift your perspective immediately.

… StoryPeople by Brian Andreas is a treasure chest of inspiring words and images. Thank you, Liz!

… Love reading Diem Brown’s blog on People.com about her journey battling ovarian cancer (for the second time). She is a stunning woman—inside and out. Her latest post “How to Show a Patient That You Care” is filled with incredibly wise advice and tips for supporting those you care about during turbulent times.

… Gertrude Stein on Understanding and Joy: Rare 1934 Radio Interview 

… I grew up immersed in the world of science fiction. One of the greatest science fiction brains and leaders: Isaac Asimov. In this series of incredible interviews, Asimov discusses what happens when science fiction becomes science fact due to the incredible advances in the field of science. At the crux of this three-part interview are Asimov’s thoughts on science and creativity in education, especially self-directed learning.

… Zadie Smith’s 10 Rules of Writing. My favorite: “Don’t confuse honors with achievement.”

… “Well Deserved“—short, powerful post from Seth Godin. This post resonated strongly for me. Godin writes, “Well deserved is reserved for people who put in the effort and the time and took the risk to get somewhere.” [oh so true]


PS. The image above I created for my desktop and thought you may also like its message as a reminder. The image is 500×500 pixels, but you can modify it so it fits your entire screen or center it on your screen like I’ve done (see below). [download JPG of image]



This week has been tough—very mentally and physically draining. So I enter this weekend feeling overwhelmed. I have a lot on my plate and not enough hours to get it all done. I’m going to have to get creative! I’m grateful though for the incredible support I have in my graduate program. My cohort is unbelievable and my research team, Sam-if you’re reading (you’re amazing!). It’s a very new experience for me and with that comes a period of adjustment. I need to get comfortable being in adjustment mode and know that I will learn how to overcome this overwhelm with time and more experience. A hopeful perspective :).

Ted Hughes Quote

And for this weekend, I have compiled some hopeful and inspiring links for you. 

… Have you joined the 6 Months to Live movement? The TV interviews are incredibly inspiring. Oh, and the site is absolutely gorgeous—so beautifully serene.

… Get Buttoned Up with some amazing free printables. (thank you, Jordan!)

Overcoming Negativity (a lesson from a cannoli!)

… I do my best work alone! Where do you do your best work?

How are we all so brave? Powerful post that I needed to read this week.

… Do you read Brain Pickings? I didn’t until recently and so wish I had started earlier. This week, there was an excerpt from a letter Ted Hughes wrote to his son (FYI: mom of son is Sylvia Plath). It is unbelievable. Read it, or using the words of Maria Popova: “don’t let the length and density deter you from absorbing it, for once you do, it’ll saturate every cell of your soul.”

Wishing you a weekend filled with hope!



This week has been crazy busy for me—but crazy good, which I love! I didn’t spend much time reading blogs or even pinning so have compiled a few links that left me feeling inspired amidst moments of overwhelm. I hope your week has been crazy good :)!

crazy good

Gabrielle Giffords leads the Pledge of Allegiance at the Democratic National Convention [the video gives me chills and the audience reaction is priceless; see my post about meeting Gabby Giffords!]

… My best friend, a hollywood assistant, shared with me a tumblr site that documents what it’s like to be hollywood assistant. And she says it’s very accurate!

HerHighway: Empowering Women Through Social Media (an inspiring and innovative initiative)

Customizable nail polish? (yes, please!)

Chris Brogan talks about depression and being brave. (must read)

… This post made my week: dare small things

Wishing you a weekend filled with crazy good moments!