Life can be painful. It can feel sharp and jagged to the touch. It can seem dark and glib, filled with uncertainty after uncertainty. Your heart will break more than once. You will never know if now is the right time or if this is the right decision. And I want you to know that you will get through the darkness, the uncertainty, the heartbreak, and the loss. 

I Want You To Know - Carolyn Rubenstein - A Beautiful Ripple Effect

There is no trick or secret hidden within the depths of the loftiest academic journals of psychology. There is no knowledge you are missing. I promise you. I want you to know that you have everything you need, within you.

The human ability to persevere is truly astounding. You are not the sole exception. You can persevere. You need to persevere in order to get through the darkness, to live with light and joy. You deserve to feel true moments of glee, even if they pop up against the dark sky. Fill the dark sky with shining stars and create light in your life. I want you to know that you can let go of the need to suffer.

To feel is human. To equate your worth with your feelings is irrational. You are so much more than your feelings, your emotions. You are the container holding them, nothing more. I want you to know that you are not your feelings. 

Try Try Try on Etsy by Ines Rocio

I want you to know that baby steps matter, a lot. Forward and backward—movement means you are trying. To try is the most powerful thing you can do.


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This video is so very beautiful. It’s a short snippet from an interview Oprah did with India Arie. India Arie radiates genuine inner confidence that may just give you chills.

After watching the video, I wrote a few words in reflection (shared below).

Take time to let yourself simply be—as you are, without fixing or looking for a new direction. Sink into the present moment—approach life in the here and now—breathe in clarity, breathe out confusion. Let yourself feel grounded and supported, rooted into the rich soil of the universe.

And remind yourself that the universe will rise up to meet you. Trust the process.

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Mar 15

Quoted No. 32

I’ve been reading the most nourishing book (soul nourishing). It’s not a new book, but one that was just recently recommended to me. The chapters are short—the lessons powerfully simple to implement and think about throughout your day. I’ve noticed a shift within me since starting this book—a deep sense of peace. This book is a gift I gave to myself, not knowing when I purchased it how badly I needed to read its tenets, and one that I highly recommend that you give to yourself, your soul will thank you.

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p.s. i’ve been a bit absent here, but want you to know that i’m always thinking about the beautiful ripple effect community. i’m very private (offline as well) when it comes to my life and what difficulties i may be facing. i’m currently dealing with a health issue that is taking up some emotional energy and focus—hopefully nothing too serious, but lots of waiting which requires a very peaceful mentality :). thank you for being here, for reading my words and contributing your own. this space is sacred to me and for that i am so very grateful.


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Feb 11

Quoted No. 30

This quote is in honor of Valentine’s Day. My husband included these words by Maya Angelou in our wedding vows—so very meaningful to me.

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