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Everyone knows somebody that needs to read this book (Perseverance)!”
—Kathie Lee Gifford, live on NBC’s Today Show

Incredibly life affirming and inspirational. I loved it!”
—Peter Walsh, New York Times bestselling author of It’s All Too Much! and Enough Already

Perseverance will move you to tears, teach you to appreciate, and inspire you to persevere.”
—Tal Ben-Shahar, New York Times bestselling author of Happier and The Pursuit of Perfect

With tremendous respect and grace, Carolyn Rubenstein tells the stories of twenty survivors of childhood cancer — in their own words. Through these real-life tales of survival, Perseverance offers not only great hope to those battling illness or caring for a loved one but also profound insight for all of us seeking to lead a meaningful life.”
—Daniel H. Pink, New York Times bestselling author of A Whole New Mind

Perseverance…is an inspirational story about the joys of living in the moment, courage in the face of extraordinary challenges and the power of love.”
—Publishers Weekly

Perseverance puts a very human face on courage and strength. Carolyn and the young people she has worked with are an inspiration to us all.”
—Gay Hendricks, New York Times bestselling author of The Big Leap and Conscious Living

In Perseverance, Carolyn Rubenstein has passionately gathered together the stories of childhood cancer survivors, and I am humbled by their courage. These kids have managed to keep their ultimate goals in mind, to find the beauty in every waking hour, and to live to the fullest in the face of a terrifying disease. That so many have gone on to thrive in young adulthood is a testament to their strength of spirit and their indomitable nature. Everyone can learn from these stories and the lessons Carolyn has shared with us. Read this book and be inspired!!”
—Jon Gordon, international bestselling author of The Energy Bus and Training Camp

With Perseverance, Carolyn Rubenstein has given us a powerful and inspirational book filled with amazing stories of childhood cancer survivors. This book will touch your heart with tales of hope, challenge, and survival.”
—Marshall Goldsmith, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Succession Are You Ready? and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Carolyn Rubenstein – you inspire me. Your life-story makes me think deeply about what is truly real and important. Your personal courage is like a blessing that encourages me to live my life even more fully, immediately, joyfully, now. I am deeply grateful to you. I wish you joy.”
—Robert Holden, bestselling author of Shift Happens! and Be Happy

The lives of the young adults in this book are monuments to strength, courage, and resilience. Carolyn Rubenstein has put together a treasure.”
—Karen Salmansohn, author of The Bounce Back Book and How to Be Happy, Dammit

A beautiful and inspiring book. Each page is a gentle reminder that life is a gift and every moment should be celebrated and embraced with passion and gratitude. The lessons shared within these pages are not only for those of us who are fighting cancer but for all of us who struggle to live a life with purpose, joy and meaning.”
—Sandra Magsamen, artist and author of Living Artfully

Perseverance beautifully organizes reminder after reminder that every moment is precious. As a long-time cancer thriver, I would not trade for the resources I was able to tap into by looking at the fragility of my own life. Perseverance serves as a tender wake-up reminder that the present is the future we worried about in the past.”
—Marion Luna Brem, international speaker and business guru, author of The 7 Greatest Truths about Successful Women

Perseverance demonstrates the practical application of hope in everyday life. Its true stories of cancer-conquerors will shed new light on what it means to overcome adversity.”
—Kevin Milne, author of The Paper Bag Christmas and The Nine Lessons


You know a book is good when you hold it in your hands, flip through it, and get goosebumps…thank you @clrsimple2!”
—Aby Garvey, via Twitter (@abygarvey)

No one can read this book and NOT be changed by the stories Carolyn shares with readers. You either know someone personally or you know someone who knows someone that has been affected by some sort of cancer. Readers will carry each story with them for the rest of their life. You think you are having a bad day, pick up the book Perseverance. This is a powerful book, filled with powerful stories. A must read.”
—Lori Kasbeer, via Review

This is a tremendously inspiring book to read.”
—Julia Flyte, via Review

As I have gotten to know Carolyn Rubenstein over the past year, my admiration and respect have grown exponentially with every visit to her blog and every exchange we’ve shared. This woman is a warrior for goodness, and quite frankly, I think she deserves a cape, maybe even her own invisible jet. Her new book Perseverance, was just released this week, and her website and blog reflection a spirit of hope, joy and hard work that inspires me every time.”
—Christine Mason Miller, Artist and Writer. Posted on SwirlyGirl

To say I recommend Perseverance is an understatement.”
—Tracy Iglesias, Perseverance is an official Book Club selection! Read the review

Perseverance by Carolyn Rubenstein inspired me and helped me to think differently about my life…Anyone can learn from these stories. And believe me, you will.”
—Connie Roberts, Read the review

What a great book. I cried, I laughed, and every story was filled with hope…Perseverance was such a fantastic book. It was one that I couldn’t put down.”
—Angie Vinez, Read the review

Ultimately,Perseverance’s message is one of inspiration and hope.”
—Louise, Bibilios Reviewer. Read the review

Perseverance’s gives every reader something to think about.”
—Deb Kincaid, Reviewer. Read the review

An absolutely delightful book packed with inspirational accounts from survivors of all walks of life. Has Carolyn completed what she set out to do? You bet. This one is not to be missed.”
—Jessica Roberts, Read the review

Perseverance [is] very encouraging, and heartfelt.”
—Brandy, NoTimeMom Blogger Read the review

Perseverance [is] powerful!”
—Julie, Blogger Read the review

WOW! This is an incredible must read book! This beautiful and inspiring book totally touched my heart and I am sure it will yours as well.”
—Stacy Moore, Blogger Read the review

Rubenstein reveals valuable life lessons.”
—Louise, Blogger Read the review

What an inspiring and uplifting book! If you are looking for encouragement and a new outlook on life, just pick this book up and read a while!”
—Melissa, Blogger Read the review

Perseverance is a book full of touching stories, told in unique voices, and leaves us with the feeling of hope.”
—Stephanie, The Written Word blogger. Read the review

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