Our lives are a storehouse of experiences, of knowledge, and of the things we love. How’s your store? Is it a sparkling boutique? Do you know just where to find what you need? Or is it in need of a good sweep, of inspiration, action, and reconnection to the values you hold dear? CarolynRubenstein.com is a portal to perspective and personal growth. To visionary courage and practical expertise. It is a doorway to beautiful experiences and tangible practice. Follow the blog, “A Beautiful Ripple Effect,” as we leap together and grow. Read the book, Perseverance, and understand its critical and emotional acclaim. Peruse the boutique, for the kind of beauty that inspires you to do and to make and to be. Yes we are open. Please come in.

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“Everyone knows somebody that needs to read this book!”

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Audrey Hepburn with son

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Two Rubies: transforming the ordinary celebratory card into a treasured keepsake