6 Resources I Shared with My Clients in May

Carolyn Rubenstein, PhD

Licensed psychologist and wellness consultant

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I love curating and sharing helpful resources, and in today’s letter, I’m excited to share a selection that I’ve found myself recommending multiple times throughout May. Whether it’s a daily staple or a tool for managing stress, these resources have made a difference for both my clients and myself. I hope you find them just as beneficial!

1️⃣ Quick Calm: For those seeking a tangible way to practice mindfulness, Quick Calm by Dr. Jen Wolkin offers simple, fast strategies to engage your relaxation response through your parasympathetic nervous system. 

2️⃣ Dr. Brené Brown’s talk on vulnerability is one of my most frequently recommended resources. Vulnerability is a powerful lesson, and this talk can truly open eyes to its importance. 

  • Below is an example of me being vulnerable (vulnerability is something I frequently share with clients) — breathing, dancing and a little power-posing before a recent interview. I didn’t realize I was recording but here we are and I’m grateful for this reminder.

3️⃣ My Daily Green Tea: As my clients know, I’m rarely seen without my favorite iced green tea in hand. The passion fruit & peach flavor is my go-to, but all the flavors are delicious—no artificial flavors and sustainably packaged. It’s the perfect refreshing drink. 

4️⃣ A Visual Timer: As someone who uses timers to manage anxiety and procrastination, I find visual timers especially helpful. They allow you to set small, manageable amounts of time and see the countdown, which can help reduce resistance to starting tasks. 

5️⃣ Audio to Focus, Relax, or Sleep: I use and recommend Brain.FM to my clients looking to enhance productivity and focus, or to unwind at the end of the day. Personalize it to fit your needs, whether you’re gearing up for a creative session or winding down. 

6️⃣ An Idea — Go Sightseeing Online: For clients with travel anxiety, exploring new places virtually can be a gentle first step towards managing fear. Discover random cities, dive into their landmarks, or browse local homes. Start your virtual adventure inspired by The Lettered Cottage on Instagram.

*Please note, some of the links are Amazon affiliate links. I receive a small commission from purchases made through these links.

If you have a resource or tool that has been particularly useful for you, I’d love to hear about it. Reach me here.

All my love,

Dr. Carolyn

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