How to Start Something New Before You Feel Ready

Carolyn Rubenstein, PhD

Licensed psychologist and wellness consultant

Break free from the grip of fear and uncertainty

How often have you found yourself hesitating on the threshold of something new, held back by a chorus of self-doubt and fear? It’s a familiar tune for many. Let’s explore how you can break free from the grip of fear and uncertainty when it comes to starting something new.

“It’s not the right time. I don’t know enough. I need to wait until I feel motivated. Everyone else knows more about this than me. What if I fail? It’s better to just wait.” 

These are the whispers of the inner critic, the voice that thrives on keeping our world small, wrapped in the comfort of the known. It’s a persuasive voice, and it often succeeds in convincing us that stepping into the unknown is simply too risky.

But why does fear hold such power over us? It’s because our brains tend to equate “different” with “bad.” Change, by its very nature, is different, and our brains interpret it as a threat. This is where the inner critic gains its strength. It preys on our instinct to seek safety in the familiar, even when that familiarity doesn’t bring us happiness.

Today, I’m embarking on something new: Letters from Dr. Carolyn. For months, I’ve wanted to delve deeper into various topics, but the inner critic’s warnings were loud.  It wasn’t until I recognized the power of my “wise mind” that I overcame this fear and took the leap. 

Let me introduce you to my wise mind, right here, right now: 

“You want to start this new project and are excited to embrace this type of work. You’re just beginning, so there will be a learning curve. You may stumble, but you can handle that. There will never be a ‘perfect’ time or a sign that says ‘start now.’ You need to step into the unknown and trust that you can handle it.”

“Yes, it’s scary, AND you can take action while feeling scared. Let fear coexist alongside you. There’s no need to run from it. As you take action, your fears will diminish—one tiny step at a time.”

Each of these words I write exists alongside fear, yet they are being written. 

So, how can you unlock the power of your wise mind and start something new, even before you feel ready? The answer lies in acknowledging your fear while embracing the possibilities. Here’s your solution:

  • Recognize that there’s no “perfect” time to start. 
  • Trust yourself to handle the highs and lows. 
  • Take one small step at a time. 

As you reflect on these words, I urge you to take action. Embrace your wise mind and acknowledge that fear can coexist with progress. Start before you feel ready, for in the journey of starting something new, you’ll discover growth, resilience, and the beauty of the unknown.

This is how most people begin their remarkable journeys—by listening to both their emotions and logic, refusing to be paralyzed by fear.

So, are you ready to step into the unknown? The world of possibilities awaits.

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